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Our Motto is Eat Better, Feel Better

...and Healthier Just Got Easier

First thing's first - High Quality Espresso We believe convenience doesn't have to sacrifice taste. Our locally sourced Coffee & Espresso is a delicious way to start your day.

We've upped our coffee game with a brand new La Marzocco Espresso machine ( What makes this new machine the bee's knees, you ask? Well, in an age where everything is becoming automated, this top of the line machine is a manual. So our baristas are practicing the art of espresso - the beans, the grind, the timing - it all has to come together to make a truly good cup of coffee. Come taste the difference!

If the machine wasn't exciting enough we've got the beans to go with it. We partnered with Red Banner in Cape Girardeau to have organic locally-sourced beans.

If espresso isn't your cup of ... coffee... then we've got good news for you. Our drip coffee is smooth, delicious, and packs a punch.

Bongo prides itself on being 100% organic and purchased from small scale farmers and fair trade. This aligns perfectly with our values as well and this is why we choose to carry this regional, Nashville based brand. And seriously, it makes an amazing cup of drip coffee.

So come visit us in Carbondale, IL for a taste of organic, fair-trade and locally-sourced coffee.

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