Just so you understand our priorities, we started as bakers and then added food, and we still believe in finishing a healthy meal with a decadent dessert. Let's just say we're on the European plan. We love pastry and homemade bread, and we serve it fresh every day. Having nailed the classics, we amuse ourselves by constantly playing with new recipes and techniques. 

Our bread is available at the

Town Square Market

TSM is our sister business. We bake organic pastries for them and trained in Germany so that we could make them the best bread in the world. You have to try saatenbrot or seed bread! Our veggie burgers, soysage patties, pizza dough, burger buns and hot dog buns are in their freezer case for you to enjoy at home. Located right down the block, TSM is our grocery store extension and our favorite place to shop!


Organic flour, free-range eggs, butter and love are the secret

to our success.